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Considering completing your postdoctoral training at CHOP? We provide competitive salaries and full employee benefits for postdocs and trainees, in addition to other professional and career development resources. Learn more about the unique and valuable features of a CHOP postdoctoral fellowship.

Why Complete a Postdoctoral Fellowship at CHOP?

  • Competitive Salary
    Competitive Salary

    CHOP Research Institute maintains best practices in postdoctoral compensation. Effective July 1, 2023, the starting salary for incoming postdocs with no previous experience is $65,000. Additionally, all postdocs receive an annual salary increase following successful completion of their annual review. View the full CHOP postdoctoral fellow salary guidelines.

  • Full Employee Benefits
    Full Employee Benefits

    CHOP Research postdoctoral fellows are eligible for full CHOP employee benefits including health insurance, paid time off, retirement savings plans, student loan repayment, commuter benefits, and parental leave. CHOP also is committed to reaching benefit parity for postdocs funded on NIH T32 or F32 research grants. Effective July 1, 2023, T32- and F32-funded postdocs' benefits have been expanded to include retirement savings plans, student loan repayment, and commuter benefits.

  • Robust Postdoctoral Communities
    Robust Postdoctoral Communities

    CHOP postdocs have access to two postdoc-led communities: the CHOP Postdoc Alliance and the Postdocs for Diversity in Science. CHOP postdocs are also encouraged to participate in Penn Postdoctoral Association (PPA) at the University of Pennsylvania.

Apply to Postdoc Positions at CHOP

Open postdoctoral positions are posted on the CHOP Careers page. Interested candidates can also explore CHOP laboratories that are currently recruiting, with open positions denoted by a magnifying glass icon.


Making the Most of Your Postdoc Experience

The Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs (ATOP) serves as the postdoctoral affairs office for CHOP Research Institute, providing support from orientation to mentorship and career advancement.

Learn more about professional development opportunities and available resources.

Excellence in Clinical Care and Translational Research

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia was the first hospital devoted exclusively to the care of children in the United States, opening in 1855, and has consistently been ranked as one of the best children's hospitals by U.S. News & World Report. In addition to world-class care, CHOP Research Institute is a dedicated leader in translating innovative research into outstanding patient care.

Learn how CHOP Research Institute has grown from a single room in the basement of the hospital in 100 Years of Research and Counting.