Postdoctoral Fellowships



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A Postdoctoral Fellowship at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia is unlike any other. You will have access to world-class research mentors, facilities, and career development support through CHOP and the University of Pennsylvania to support your transition to an independent career in any sector.

I appreciate all the career support I received through CHOP and Penn while I was there. It set me up for success throughout my career since. - Postdoctoral Fellow
Ready to Apply? Open postdoctoral positions are posted on the CHOP Careers page. Interested candidates can also explore CHOP laboratories that are currently recruiting. A magnifying glass icon denotes labs with open positions.
The ATOP team at CHOP is superb, and they want to see their postdocs succeed in whatever path they choose. Please take advantage of their events, workshops, office hours, seminars to get exposed to what CHOP has to offer and what other avenues are out there waiting to be explored. - Postdoctoral Fellow
Cornerstone Blog
Our September Featured Research Trainee, Arthur Lee, MD, studies untargeted metabolomic profiling to improve the lives of children with chronic kidney disease.
Cornerstone Blog
Our August Featured Research Trainee is Megha Lal, PhD, who investigates the mechanism of less common forms of food allergies such as eosinophilic esophagitis.
Cornerstone Blog
This month’s Featured Research Trainee is Petra Molnar, PhD, who studies metabolic regulators to develop antimalarial therapies.