Launching Possibilities

At CHOP, a great idea can come from anywhere in the organization and that’s why we have created multiple entry points to foster innovative collaborations and advancements in healthcare.

“All types of innovation are valued at CHOP – and while research is indeed a critical element of our strategy, it is by no means the only way we innovate.” – Madeline Bell, CEO

Each of our Innovation offices and programs serve to promote scientific breakthroughs to better understand childhood diseases and improve patient care. Together, the offices of Technology Transfer, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and Collaborative & Corporate Research Contracts work with partners to advance pediatric healthcare around the world.

Cornerstone Blog
Our experience evaluating more than 500 kids has helped us achieve individualized treatment paths … it is personalized medicine in action.
Cornerstone Blog
Stefano Rivella, PhD, is developing a novel gene therapy that could help patients living with sickle cell disease and other debilitating red blood disorders.