Building a Diverse Workforce



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Diversity is a key driver of achievement, particularly when innovation is critical. The Office of Academic Training and Outreach Program's Specialty Programs and Diversity tier, in association with the CHOP Research Institute Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, builds and supports a diverse research workforce and implements discipline-specific research programs. Multiple institutionally funded programs have been established to support researchers from diverse backgrounds, identities, and experiences.

Bridge to Faculty Program

The Bridge to Faculty Program (login required) supports CHOP based PhD or MD/PhD postdoctoral fellows and early-stage scientists from historically underrepresented groups by 1) positioning program participants to be competitive for tenure track positions, 2) supporting them during the application and interview process, and 3) preparing them for the rigorous expectations of a tenure track faculty position driving advancement and promotion. The program is funded by CHOP Research Institute and is similar in structure to the K99 portion of the K99/R00: Pathway to Independence Award.

Global Scientific Excellence Award

CHOP's Global Scientific Excellence Award (login required) is a competitive program open to CHOP researchers-in-training (postdocs, physician fellows, research associates, etc.) with the goal of rewarding their significant contributions to pediatric research focused on global impact. To demonstrate global impact, the work may 1) be conducted by an international trainee at CHOP who is ineligible for NIH funding based on their international status OR 2) address a research question(s) that directly impacts global communities (trainees do not need to be foreign nationals if their work meets this criteria).

Building Excellence in STEM Together

The Building Excellence in STEM Together (BEST) Program (login required) is a new funding opportunity to support events, projects, or programs that have the potential to enhance diversity, promote equity, and foster inclusion in STEM across the Research Institute and among trainees, faculty, staff, administrators, and the surrounding community. The grants provide modest resources, with a preference for projects with the most significant potential for impact.

Postdocs for Diversity in Science

Postdocs for Diversity in Science is a group of postdocs at CHOP who are specifically aligned with the needs of historically underrepresented groups and works to build community within CHOP and beyond to support current, past, and future trainees.