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Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Postdoc Alliance (CPA) strives to enhance the postdoctoral experience at CHOP and to promote an environment conducive to CHOP postdocs’ happiness and success.

Our Mission


Megha Lal, PhD
Namrata Kumar, PhD

If you are interested in working with the CPA or have ideas or programming please contact us at [email protected].

Committee Head: Christopher Johnson, PhD
Contact us: Email [email protected].

The Professional development committee works synergistically with ATOP and other professional development programs to help postdocs achieve their full potential. They aim to facilitate the development of skills that are directly applicable to the immediate career goals of postdocs and seek to encourage knowledge sharing and a collaborative environment.

Current programs:

  • “Lunch & Learn” program: postdoc-led sessions that provide a platform for postdocs with specific expertise for sharing of that knowledge with the postdoc community
  • Special seminars: hosting internal and external speakers focusing on novel ideas and approaches that can enrich the postdoc experience and aid the achievement of professional goals

Committee Head: Pratibha Srivastava, PhD
Contact us: Email cpa [at] (subject: Inquiry%20for%20Women%20in%20Science%20Committee) (cpa[at]chop[dot]edu).

The Women in Science committee aims to cultivate a vibrant community among postdoc women at CHOP. Their goals are to provide supportive spaces to discuss personal and professional needs, deliver career development programming and resources, and offer opportunities to network with fellow postdocs and faculty.

Current program:

  • Peer mentoring circles: monthly sessions in which women postdocs exchange experiences, challenges, and opportunities related to career growth, work-life balance, imposter syndrome, mentoring relationships, and more. Circle sessions are organized around spotlight topics for group discussion or faculty and speaker-led sessions.

Committee Head: Ravi Gautam, PhD
Contact us: Email [email protected].

The Work-Life Balance committee's goal is to provide postdocs with resources and opportunities that promote healthy, balanced lives. These resources and opportunities often focus on sharing information about how postdocs can manage, prioritize, and/or balance the many demands of both their professional and personal lives, as well as activities and events that help postdocs relax and connect with each other.

Current programs:

  • Networking happy hours: provide an informal setting for CHOP postdocs to meet, share ideas, and forge new collaborations
  • Peer interest groups: promote hobbies and friendships outside of work by connecting postdocs who share mutual interests.

Committee Head: Jasmin Koehnken Sawall, PhD and Sogand Schafer, MD
Contact us: Email [email protected].

The Communications committee develops, updates, and monitors the CPA’s social network presence. The committee shares resources, events, and important information with postdocs as well as CHOP postdocs’ accomplishments.

Current programs:

Program Director: Kingsley Kumashie, PhD
Contact us: cpa [at] (cpa[at]chop[dot]edu)

Postdoc Partner Program (P3) supports new international postdocs during their preparations for arrival to the United States and during their acclimation to CHOP and the Philadelphia area. The program pairs new postdocs with current postdoc partners that have been at CHOP for at least one year. Partners can share their experience, address questions, provide resources for their arrival, onboarding at CHOP, and introduce them to the Philadelphia area.