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The Office of Faculty Development in the CHOP Research Institute has curated resources to help you succeed and grow professionally. Resources yield from the Perelman School of Medicine, select Penn Master's programs, and a hand-selected list of useful items to explore opportunities to further your career.

School of Medicine Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Faculty Development at the CHOP Research Institute collaborates closely with the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) at the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) to support the success of our faculty. The OAA is your go-to resource for assistance with appointments, promotions, and more. They offer a range of professional development resources designed to help you advance in your career. For additional details and resources, please visit the OAA website.

Discover an invaluable resource for your career in the form of a podcast. 'Thriving at PSOM,' hosted by Dr. Meryl Cohen, MD, a distinguished Professor of Pediatrics and the Associate Dean of Faculty Development, is designed by faculty, for faculty. It's packed with short, easily digestible episodes containing a wealth of excellent resources to help you navigate your career. You can revisit these episodes whenever you need, ensuring you have the support you need for success on demand.

Penn Master's Programs

Clinicians and basic scientists alike may benefit from seeking training or additional, supplemental training in clinical research, bioethics, and/or public health. This tool can help you identify which Clinical Research or Public Health Master's Program may be right for you. If you pursue a Master's program, familiarize yourself with tuition assistance for University of Pennsylvania faculty.

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Curated Internal and External Professional Development Resources

There is a wealth of professional development opportunities available through various schools, associations, societies, and other organizations. We have hand-selected a list of useful items for your consideration as you explore opportunities to further your career. Broken down by career-stage or identity, we hope you will find something perfect for you.

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Career Guidance

Included in the Career Guidance document are various resources that offers ideas, advice, and opportunities to help plan the next steps in your professional journey.


Recommended Resources by Career-Stage Identity