Postdoctoral Fellowships: Professional Development



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The Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs (ATOP) facilitates professional development opportunities through its Academic Training tier, supporting researchers-in-training across the spectrum of the scientific career ladder. Close collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania’s Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs and Penn Career Services offices gives CHOP postdocs access to even more professional and career development resources and opportunities.

Career Mentoring Program

The Career Mentoring Program provides CHOP postdocs an opportunity to develop a career-mentoring relationship with CHOP postdoc alumni from various career paths or with faculty beyond their own department or division. Secondary mentorship enriches the postdoc experience by providing a well-rounded support team to ensure career success.

Academic Teaching

For postdocs and research staff who are interested in pursuing a career teaching in academia, visit our Academic Teaching page to learn more. Every year, ATOP works with Penn's Center for Teaching and Learning to organize a four-part in-person Preparing for Academic Teaching workshop series to help participants design an undergraduate course. Registration opens annually in May (login required).

Academic Certificate in Teaching

Established in 2023, the Academic Certificate in Teaching (ACT) is a flexible, participant-driven professional development experience that participants can tailor to their interests and specific academic career goals. With a combination of in-person and online requirements, participants can pace themselves as they work toward the certification. Active CHOP postdoctoral and physician fellows are eligible to participate in the ACT Program. Applications open annually in July (login required).


University of Pennsylvania Programs

Active CHOP postdocs have access to multiple resources and services at the University of Pennsylvania thanks to our affiliation with the office of Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs (BPP).

The BPP organizes many professional development workshops throughout the year; see the full calendar to plan ahead. ATOP and BPP collaborate on annual programming during National Postdoc Appreciation Week in September and during the Scientific Writing Workshop with Dr. Judith Swan in March. Stay up to date on upcoming events by subscribing to their calendar and reading their weekly newsletter.

The office of Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs coordinates an English as a Second Language course twice a year. These courses are announced in the weekly BPP newsletter disseminated to all CHOP postdocs as well as in the monthly ATOP newsletter. Courses typically begin in August and April.  Contact [email protected] with questions.

Penn Career Services offers postdocs a wide variety of programs and resources including one-on-one consultations, career-related events, and an annual Faculty Job Search Prep Camp in August. You'll also find CV and resume samples on their website and recordings of past events on their YouTube Channel. Don't overlook the "Learn How To..." section of their website, or access to the PhD Career Training Platform by Beyond the Professoriate.

CHOP postdocs have access to a wealth of knowledge, information, and resources through the Penn Libraries. Learn more about accessing these resources on our PennKey page (login required).


Internship Opportunities

Active for more than 20 years, the Advanced Career Exploration (ACE) Fellowship is a six-month fellowship program designed to provide current Children's Hospital of Philadelphia researchers with critical, CV-building experience in various areas of research administration at CHOP, ranging from grants management and education to entrepreneurship and innovation.

The ACE Fellowship provides a unique perspective of administrative career paths and institutional leadership. Fellows will have the opportunity to participate in executive shadowing and other leadership meetings. Learn more about the ACE Fellowship and see a list of former fellows (login required). Contact [email protected] with questions.

The Penn Biotech Group (PBG) runs a six-week Investment Research Program aimed at training members for careers at the intersection of the life sciences and the financial sector. Applications open in late February.

The Penn Center for Innovation (PCI) facilitates the PCI Fellows Program annually. The program is an experiential opportunity focusing on technology commercialization. Active CHOP postdocs are eligible for this program through CHOP's affiliation with Biomedical Postdoctoral Programs. The call for applications is announced on the PCI Fellows website.


Additional CHOP Resources and Programs

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