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Research Administration

One Team. One Vision. One Mission.

The Research Institute provides operational, financial, training, technical, and compliance support and guidance to researchers. These centralized and committed administrative resources help study teams to successfully navigate the research policy landscape and manage their projects’ life cycles with transparency and governance.

Serves as the centralized academic support office for research scholars.

The Clinical Research Contracts Administration Office expedites execution of time-sensitive agreements needed to conduct human subject-related research that is fully funded by a commercial partner.

Provides high-quality services to assist investigators and study teams in the startup, execution, and completion of clinical research studies.

Provides a range of financial management services to the CHOP research community.

Provides administrative support to investigators using CHOP Research Institute shared resources in their clinical and laboratory research programs.

Providing support to faculty researchers at various stages of their career.

Protects the rights and welfare of human research subjects recruited to participate in research activities conducted at CHOP Research Institute.

Provides support to non-CHOP employees working in Research.

Collaborates with principal investigators, companies, sponsors, academic institutions, and subawardees to advance research at CHOP.

The Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (OEI) cultivates a portfolio of the most promising device, diagnostic, digital, and therapeutic assets from within CHOP. OEI supports CHOP's innovators and researchers by helping develop and prepare technologies toward successful commercial opportunities.

Evaluates discoveries for commercial potential and manages the Intellectual Property protection process to accelerate breakthroughs at CHOP.

Provides key resources to prepare budgets for research proposals, manages complex research portfolios comprised of internally and externally funded research projects, and ensures compliance with sponsor and institutional guidelines.

Provides key resources to plan, develop, and prepare grant proposals, subawards, and other internally funded projects for successful implementation.

Leads, manages, and supports the optimization of key operational business activities required to effectively administer internally and externally sponsored research at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Provides research compliance information and new requirements, identifies best practices, and works to communicate these practices to the CHOP research community.

Shares the inspiration and innovation behind every step along the way of CHOP's scientific breakthroughs by providing a wide scope of editorial and design services.

Provides innovative technology services and support to principal investigators and their staff working within the CHOP Research Institute.

Provides program and project management support and services to CHOP’s Research Administration.

Supports the physical infrastructure of the Research Institute and provides research space management.

Protects faculty and staff at the Research Institute by ensuring compliance with safety regulations and implementing programs to make compliance as simple as possible.

Provides financial expertise and services related to the management of research funds, ensuring adherence to federal, state, local, private, and institutional guidelines and policies.

Provides direct support and consultation for all scientific, medical, and compliance issues related to animal-based research.