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Arcus is a suite of tools and services for CHOP’s research community that seamlessly links biological, clinical, research, and environmental data. Arcus enables collaborative research and discovery while protecting patient privacy. Most importantly, Arcus is a team of seasoned digital archivists, educators, analysts, and programmers who provide researchers with education, skills, secure computing environments, management of research data, and archival storage.

What Can You Do in Arcus

  • Discover and analyze rich data about our patients and research participants using datasets from across CHOP
  • Have direct access to clinical data and annotations of clinical notes
  • Perform analysis in a secure computational environment
  • Learn a variety of data science skills
  • Connect with other researchers to spur new ideas, efforts, collaborations

Working With Arcus

Arcus is a project-centered program. The Arcus team will work with you to help you define your project within the Arcus framework to meet your specific scientific requirements.

  • Use Arcus Cohort Discovery to see counts and aggregate statistics of patients meeting your research criteria
  • Connect with an Arcus consultant to contribute your data
  • Take advantage of Arcus Education resources to learn computational and quantitative skills successful researchers need develop to conduct reproducible research