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Decreased Fees for Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Services

Published on March 26, 2024 in Announcements · Last updated 2 months 2 weeks ago


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The Flow Cytometry Core is pleased to announce that pricing for unassisted use of flow cytometers and cell sorters has decreased by 10% starting March 1, 2024.

Current prices:

  • $40/hour for unassisted use of non-spectral analyzers (LSR, CytoFLEX) during off-peak hours (after 5 p.m. or weekends)
  • $45/hour for the use of any analyzer (spectral or non-spectral) during business hours
  • $45/hour for unassisted cell sorting
  • $85/hour for full-service cell sorting. 

Please visit the Flow Cytometry Core to see the full price schedule. Anticipating that the level of equipment utilization will remain high, we hope to maintain the current prices in the next fiscal year.

Contact Director Florin Tuluc, MD, PhD, with questions.