Faculty Appointments: 
Professor of Pediatrics at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (2008– present)
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (1997 – 2003)
Associate Professor of Pediatrics at University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine (2003 – 2008)
(215) 590-3988
Office Location: 
316H Abramson Research Center 3615 Civic Center Blvd.

Research Interests
hematopoiesis, higher order chromatin structure, gene expression, epigenetic memory, transcription factors

Description of Research
Our lab focuses on the genetic and epigenetic control of hematopoiesis and its disorders. Specifically, we study how tissue-specific transcription factors govern the specification and maintenance of hematopoietic cell lineages. We examine how transcription programs are epigenetically transmitted through mitosis to maintain lineage identity. Our work is leading us deeply into the analysis of chromatin structure, its modifications and organization. For example, we investigate how regulatory elements are spatially organized in the nucleus. We are developing approaches to manipulate higher order chromatin organization as a therapeutic tool for the treatment of diseases affecting the globin genes. For our studies we combine molecular, genomic, biochemical, and imaging approaches with studies in normal and gene targeted mice.

Lab Rotation Projects:
For information about rotation projects please contact me directly.

Lab personnel:
Caroline Bartman, graduate student
Vivek Behera, combined degree student
Chris Edwards, postdoctoral fellow
Jeremy Grevet, combined degree student
Chris Hsiung, combined degree student
Sarah Hsu combined degree student
Peng Huang, postdoctoral fellow
Kristen Jahn, technician
Kiwon Lee, postdoctoral fellow
Jeremy Rupon, postdoctoral fellow
Aaron Stonestrom, combined degree student
Girish Valluru, undergrad student
Hongxin Wang, technician/lab manager

Selected Publications
Jing H, Vakoc CR, Ying L, Mandat S, Wang H, Zheng X, Blobel GA. Exchange of GATA factors mediates transitions in looped chromatin organization at a developmentally regulated gene locus.. Molecular Cell. Vol 29. 2008:232.
Blobel GA, Kadauke S, Wang E, Lau AW, Zuber J, Chou MM, Vakoc CR. A reconfigured pattern of MLL occupancy within mitotic chromatin promotes rapid transcriptional reactivation following mitotic exit.. Molecular Cell. Vol 36. 2009:970.
Gregory GD, Miccio A, Bersenev A, Wang Y, Hong W, Zhang Z, Poncz M, Tong W, Blobel GA. FOG1 requires NuRD to promote hematopoiesis and maintain lineage fidelity within the megakaryocytic-erythroid compartment.. Blood. Vol 115. 2010:2156.
Miccio A, Wang Y, Hong W, Gregory GD, Wang H, Yu X, Choi JK, Shelat S, Tong W, Poncz M, Blobel GA. NuRD mediates activating and repressive functions of GATA-1 and FOG-1 during blood development.. EMBO J.. Vol 29. 2010:442.
Lamonica JM, Deng W, Kadauke S, Campbell AE, Gamsjaeger R, Wang H, Cheng Y, Billin AN, Hardison RC, Mackay JP, Blobel GA. Bromodomain protein Brd3 associates with acetylated GATA1 to promote its chromatin occupancy at erythroid target genes.. PNAS. Vol 108. 2011:159.
Deng W, Lee J, Wang H, Miller J, Reik A, Gregory PD, Dean A, Blobel GA. Controlling long-range genomic interactions at a native locus by targeted tethering of a looping factor. Cell. Vol 149. 2012:1233.
Kadauke S, Udugama MI, Pawlicki JM, Achtman JC,Jain DP, Cheng Y, Hardison RC, and Blobel GA. Tissue-specific Mitotic Bookmarking by Hematopoietic Transcription Factor GATA1. Cell. Vol 150. 2012:725.