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CHPS Ophthalmology Core Services

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The Opthalmology Core provides the following services:

Eye Exams

Eye Exam: Basic, Intermediate, or Comprehensive

  • Basic includes visual acuity best corrected
  • Intermediate includes acuity and slit lamp exam/anterior segment
  • Comprehensive includes acuity, anterior segment, fundus exam and refraction

Sensorimotor Exam: motility and alignment, strabismus, binocular function

Professional Interpretation Tests

  • Contrast sensitivity/partnered with eye exam (plus 15 min interpretation)
  • Color vision testing /partnered with eye exam (plus 15 min interpretation)
  • Optical coherence tomography
    • Anterior segment (plus 30 min interpretation)
    • Optic nerve (plus 30 min interpretation)
    • Retina (plus 30 min interpretation)
  • Visual field measures
    • Using Humphrey (plus 15 min interpretation)
    • Using Goldman (plus 15 min interpretation)
  • Full field sensitivity testing/Dark adaptation (plus 30 min interpretation)
  • Electroretinography (plus 30 min interpretation)
  • Visual evoked potential (plus 15 min interpretation) 
  • Fundus photography (plus 15 min interpretation)
  • Ocular ultrasound (plus 15 min interpretation)
  • Other Ophthalmology Professional Interpretation (charged/hour in 15 min increments)


  • Please contact Research Team Manager Agnieshka Baumritter to schedule a start-up meeting prior to scheduling the first research subjects.
  • Email scheduling requests to Samantha Leuters at [email protected] and Melissa Jakubowski at [email protected] 
    • Study subject must have a CHOP MRN. Request an MRN as soon as the subject is enrolled.
    • Email includes:
      • Protocol IRB/CHPS number
      • All requested services
      • CPT code(s) from approved budget plan
      • Research subject Name and MRN
      • CHPS required information for NIH reporting purposes: race, ethnicity, gender
      • Study Coordinator and contact information
  • For study visits including an eye exam, requests must be received by the CHPS Ophthalmology Core staff several weeks (or as required by the study protocol) in advance of the date of service to ensure attending physician availability.
  • All other tests and procedures will be scheduled in a timely manner and as flexibly as possible within the current space and patient flow constraints of the existing space.
  • Reports/results will be available 24 to 48 hours after the visit with the Ophthalmology Core