Innovation Ecosystem



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The Innovation Ecosystem (IE) is a cross-functional team working to facilitate innovation by preparing CHOP faculty & staff through increasing capacity and training, building connections, and strengthening community around innovation and entrepreneurship. This team strives to enhance CHOP’s innovation infrastructure, making it inclusive and easily accessible to every employee who has an idea that could improve the health and wellness of children or the way we care for them.

IE serves to identify or develop innovation tools and best practices and then share them with the groups and departments at CHOP that are best positioned to deploy them. Consider the Innovation Ecosystem the “amniotic fluid” surrounding, connecting, and supporting the hubs of innovation across CHOP.

Ultimately, CHOP’s Innovation Ecosystem strengthens and optimizes innovation by developing enterprise-wide community, connections, and capacity, for innovation.



Daria Ferro, MD

Co-Director and Capacity Pillar Lead
Cornerstone Blog
The Innovation Ecosystem kickstarted a seven-week course introducing CHOP individuals to key knowledge and resources associated with academic entrepreneurship.
Cornerstone Blog
The Innovation Ecosystem helps innovators translate abstract concepts and knowledge into actual value for CHOP’s patients, families, and community.