Innovation Ecosystem



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The Innovation Ecosystem (IE) is a cross-functional team working to develop and disseminate the discipline of innovation, and to share strategies and tools that enhance connectivity between people and resources to facilitate innovation. This team strives to foster an innovation infrastructure at CHOP that is inclusive and easily accessible to every employee with an idea that could improve the health and wellness of children or the way we care for them.

IE serves to identify existing processes or develop new innovation tools and practices, and share them with the groups and departments at CHOP that are best-positioned to deploy them. Consider the Innovation Ecosystem the “amniotic fluid” surrounding, connecting, and supporting the hubs of innovation across CHOP.

Ultimately, CHOP’s Innovation Ecosystem strengthens and optimizes innovation by defining and sharing pathways and best practices to get ideas to implementation, and eveloping enterprise-wide culture, connections, capacity, and pathways to innovation.

Co-Director and Capacity Pillar Lead