Cell and Gene Therapy Collaborative



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The Cell and Gene Therapy Collaborative (CGTC) will advance CHOP preclinical and clinical infrastructure in support of its vision to be the global leader in pediatric cell and gene therapy discovery and treatment while continuing to shape the next generation of breakthroughs.

The CGTC will promote and foster continued collaboration and partnership across many areas of the Research Institute including the Raymond G. Perelman Center for Cellular and Molecular Therapeutics, the Section of Cellular Therapy and Transplant in the Division of Oncology, the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, the Division of Human Genetics, the Center for Applied Genomics, the Center for Fetal Research, and faculty members from research and clinical programs across the institution.

To achieve its goals, the CGTC is taking a three-part approach:

  1. Advance new ideas by providing significant support to current faculty and recruiting new faculty experts in cell and gene therapy
  2. Refine CHOP's operating model to enable more clinical trial activity
  3. Connect the various groups involved in the development of cell and gene therapies to ensure the advancement of work as efficiently as possible.