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With a focus on the individual innovator, IE seeks to help build one’s capacity to be successful with an innovation. This may require going beyond current training and expertise to gain pragmatic new skills.

On this page, find helpful innovation skills development resources from across CHOP.

This 7-week course is designed to build skills in academic entrepreneurship for post-doctoral and clinical subspecialty fellows. All CHOP Faculty, Staff, and Personnel are eligible to apply.

During this course, students are exposed to the fundamentals and general process of academic entrepreneurship related to pediatric medical device development. Students will work with tools and skills that can be broadly applied to other entrepreneurial uses and to general research in the future.

Students will engage in self-reflective exercises and will be exposed to potential future collaborators and mentors in academic entrepreneurship-- gaining insights about themselves and their own interest in being an academic entrepreneur. Throughout the course, CHOP and University resources will be shared to guide participants on their journeys beyond the course. Learn more about the course today.

This awareness and skill building 1-hour session shares the exciting stories of academic entrepreneurs, describes potential MD and PhD career paths in Academic Entrepreneurship and highlights CHOP-Penn resources to support you on this path. This class also provides a preamble to the full professional development course and is held few times a year with speakers and stories varying session-to-session. Sign up to receive IE's invites and newsletter for alerts about this class.

Innovation Pathway Curriculum Modules

These 12 MyCareer Learning modules can be reviewed independently, in teams, or with a facilitator. They progress through steps of innovation and creative problem solving using tools like Design Thinking and Quality Improvement frameworks. The modules were developed by the Department of Nursing and Clinical Care Services alongside the Innovation Ecosystem team CHOP employees can access modules from MyCareer's Learning.

Recorded Presentations on Innovation

Grand Round Presentations on Innovation

Readings below come from Academic Entrepreneurship for Medical and Health Scientists, a eBook edited by experts from CHOP and UPenn that provides a collection of quick start guides to help navigate the process of translational research through to commercialization and impact. View the full textbook and browse topics:

I'm new to all of this, where do I start?

I'm new to drug development

I'm new to device development

How does entrepreneurship fit in with my academic career?

I have an idea, what do I do next?

I want to build a team

How can I fund my work?

I run a pilot funding program; what should my award recipients read first?

I run an I-Corps program; what should my teams read first?

What should people read before they meet with Tech Transfer staff?

Numerous programs at CHOP provide support in terms of funding, business planning, technical and analytical support. To see which ones fit your needs best, employees can review a comparative listing of programs.