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Google@CHOP Account Activation

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This service is the second step and activates your Google@CHOP account. To activate your account, you must first request access to Google@CHOP.

Google@CHOP Activation Process

Request Preparation
Step 01
Submit Access Request
Step 02

Google@CHOP requests may be made on behalf of other users.

Activated Account Confirmed
Step 03

You will receive an email to confirm you are the Google@CHOP account activation. You need to complete that confirmation.

Activation Completed
Step 04

Google@CHOP is now ready for use.

Google@CHOP and Support

Once your Google@CHOP access and activation are completed, please review the Getting Started document for details on how to access your Google@CHOP account inside and outside of the CHOP network.

To set up 2-factor authentication for your Google@CHOP account inside and outside of the CHOP network please follow these instructions.

For further support and reference, nested topics, and FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) are available, providing additional information on using the storage to edit slides and forms and much more.

Google@CHOP services are only authorized for use within the CHOP Research Institute and its partners. Use for any clinical purpose is prohibited.

Google@CHOP Access Request approval required before account can be enabled.

Accounts are enabled for Google@CHOP 1 hour after request is submitted and confirmation email received by requester.

Please note: Newly activated accounts are synchronized to Google every hour. With that in mind, please wait 1 hour before attempting Google@CHOP login.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance with Google@CHOP access requests, please contact the CHOP IS Support Center at ext. 4-HELP (4-4357), 215-590-4357, or log in to visit the CHOP Employee Service Center.

The information below will help the CHOP Employee Service Center Service Desk Analyst to better direct your request: