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Major IS services were never easier to not only request, but to process and fulfill. Automated access is provided for information technologies product setup. See a list of all the services available through CIRRUS below.

CIRRUS is a cloud integration service supported by the RIS Infrastructure Services team. It provides a variety of automated scripted services for setting up and configuring information technology product and service offerings. Please see the related services section for a list of all services provided.

Please note that support for CIRRUS is limited to the CIRRUS software itself; if you are experiencing technical issues with the services and products for which CIRRUS has set up access, please contact the actual service or product providers for support. Google for Google Suite, etc.

Need Help?

For additional support assistance, please contact the CHOP IS Support Center ext. 4-HELP (4-4357), 215-590-4357 or log in to visit the CHOP IS Support Center Portal.

RISUGS 2023-24 Recording: CIRRUS Automated IS Fulfillment

Learn how to fulfill your major IS service needs through CIRRUS.

Please use this request to onboard a research costcenter activity.

This request grants users access to research published application and virtual desktops hosted by RIS…

Request access, support, or information to cameras for yourself, or on behalf of another user.

This data loss prevention (DLP) service automatically ensures that sensitive data on your PC or MAC is not…

Request access to Expertise Knowledge Platform.

Get access to and support for fileshares or shared folders.

Owners can request a list of all users with access to their fileshares.

Request for CIRP Admins to add users to designated CIRP Fileshares.

Increase the quota size of a research fileshare.

Fileshare Owner(s) to can update fileshare details.

Fileshare Owner(s) can remove user access.

Request access to CHOP’s Google Suite. This is Step 1 of a two step process to gain access to CHOP's…

Activate my Google@CHOP account. This is Step 2 of a two step process to gain access to CHOP's Google…

Request Access to an existng deployed Kubernetes Namespace Environment.

Request creation of a new Kubernetes Namespace Environment.

Request the creation of a new Research Fileshare.

Please use this service to request access to a Research Virtual Machine.

Request Access to Virtual Machine Provisioning Account.

Request a new Virtual Machine

Get access and support for High Performance Computing.

Request the creation of a new Vault namespace.

Request access to a variety of research published applications and Virtual Desktops.