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Google@CHOP Access Request

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This service is the first step and provides new Google@CHOP access. Once access is approved, you will need to request account activation.

Google@CHOP Activation Process

Request Preparation
Step 01

Review Research Data Storage Options, review the Google Terms of Services, and make sure you are a CHOP Research Institute employee and know your cost center number

Submit Access Request
Step 02

Submit a Google@CHOP Access Request. This may be made on behalf of other users.

Access Request Manager Approval
Step 03

Your manager will receive an approval notification. Approval is necessary to move to the next step.

Access Created
Step 04

Now you need to request Google@CHOP Account Activation.

Google@CHOP and Support

For security and ease of use CHOP (Children's Hospital of Philadelphia) Research Information Services recommends Microsoft Office 365's OneDrive and suite of communication and productivity tools as your first option to consider.

For security reasons Google@CHOP is the only Google Workspace instance authorized for use at CHOP. All other external and personal Google Workspace services are blocked within CHOP Network and on CHOP imaged devices.

If you require an exception to this policy for access to a non-GOOGLE@CHOP account, please go to Request Non-CHOP Google Access in ServiceNow.

Like Microsoft Office 365's suite of communication and productivity applications, Google@CHOP is a safe place for your files and puts them within reach of any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Files in Google@CHOP's Google Workspace - like your videos, photos, and documents. When you share from Google@CHOP, you can control whether invited people can edit, comment on, or only view the file.

Google@CHOP provides access to a limited suite of Google productivity products:

  • Docs
  • Forms
  • Contacts
  • Sheets
  • Sites
  • Slides

Google@CHOP does not include Gmail, Calendar, Google groups, or other services that are dependent on a Google hosted email system.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance with Google@CHOP access requests, please contact the CHOP IS Support Center at ext. 4-HELP (4-4357), 215-590-4357, or log in to visit the CHOP Employee Service Center.

The information below will help the CHOP Employee Service Center Service Desk Analyst to better direct your request: