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The NTP office was primarily established to support CHOP researchers who wish to grant undergraduate/graduate students, interns and visiting scholars the opportunity to participate in clearly defined learning objectives/goals related to the professional goals of their academic coursework.  These NTPs are under the supervision of a professional with expertise and educational and/or professional background in the field of the experience.  The NTPs are typically offered access to resources, equipment and facilities provided by the researcher that support the learning objectives and goals.

The NTP office is staffed with a team professionals who work closely with CHOP researchers and in coordination with Human Resources and the Office of Immigration and Visa Services to ensure that personnel who will serve as “NTPs” are on-boarded and off-boarded in compliance with CHOP policies and guidelines. 

The NTP office is also responsible for ensuring that all NTPs are vetted individually and in compliance with local state laws such as the PA Act 73 which requires criminal background checks for any individual on-boarded at CHOP who may have regular contact with children, in the form of care, guidance, supervision or training (even if childcare is not part of the NTP’s role and responsibilities).

The NTP Office should be considered an on-boarding and off-boarding partner for researchers with services that include:

  • Registering NTP's
  • Processing forms required to process and validate an NTP’s application
  • Criminal Background Checks and screenings
  • Facilitating NTP Orientation
  • Approval and maintenance of physical NTP ID Badges
  • Processing and issuing of stipend payments