John Lab Team



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The John Lab combats pediatric infections through the discovery of new treatments and diagnostics. Our diverse interests are at the intersection of microbiology, biochemistry, and medicine - wherever the science takes us! Ours is a fun, productive, and inclusive lab with an emphasis on mentorship.

Chief, Division of Infectious Diseases

Dr. John studies metabolism in the setting of pediatric infections, in order to identify new anti-infective drug targets, understand drug resistance, and develop new diagnostics.


Dana Hodge
Laboratory Manager

Amalia Berna, PhD
Senior Research Scientist

Eli Akaho, MD, MHS
Research Technician

Yang Liu, MA
Research Technician

Petra Molnar
Predoctoral Fellow

Brianne Roper
Graduate Student
University of Pennsylvania (MVP program)

Philip Frasse
Graduate Student
Washington University in St. Louis (Molecular Microbiology)

Sesh Sundararaman, MD PhD
Pediatric Infectious Diseases Fellow