Investigator Support Office



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The Office of Pre-Award Research Administration initiated the Investigator Support Office (ISO) as a pilot program to offer research administration support to early-career investigators. In addition to providing direct pre- and post-award support, the ISO serves as a "navigator" for its junior faculty, helping steer them to the appropriate research administration offices at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute for questions related to their research portfolios.

The ISO aims to contribute to the success of early-career investigators by providing them with the knowledge and skills required to effectively grow and manage their research portfolios. Ultimately, the ISO will cultivate a community of early-career researchers who are well prepared to manage their portfolios independently with their supporting team.

If you are looking for support with proposals, progress reports, pre-and post-award guidance, and assistance with Research Institute electronic platforms, see if you are an ideal ISO candidate.

Brent A. Bell

Brent Bell, MRA, CRA

Senior Director, Pre-Award Research Administration; Interim Director, Research Business Operations
Provides leadership in compliance and customer service for pre-award and non-financial post-award administration by assisting in developing and submitting proposals, serving as a resource for sponsor policies and regulations, and issuing and negotiating incoming and outgoing subawards and outgoing consulting agreements.