Pre-Award Research Administration



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The Pre-Award Research Administration team is responsible for all central pre-award administration functions and committed to providing a high level of service to the faculty and the research community throughout the life cycle of funding. Pre-Award Research Administration is organized into two teams: the Sponsored Projects Officers (SPO) and the Senior Grant and Contract Specialists (GCS). These teams are the data stewards of eSPA, which serves as the primary electronic research administration system designed to automate proposal creation, facilitate system-to-system proposal submissions, and to provide comprehensive award management.

SPO serve on behalf of faculty as CHOP’s negotiators and advocates with funders and any other external entity sponsoring projects. They also guide researchers on application submissions, grants management, and institutional approvals and sign-offs.

GCS negotiate and execute incoming and outgoing sub-recipient agreements under sponsored projects. They ensure subawards to and from the organization under various sponsored projects reflect the institutional interest and are compatible with CHOP policies and procedures.

The Sponsored Projects and Research Business Management Directory provides details regarding the assignments for all SPO and GCS professionals.

Proposals and Awards for FY 2024 until Jul 1st, 2024

Number of Proposals & Awards

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Proposal & Award Budget Period Totals

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