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Digital & Technology Services (DTS) Department, formerly Information Services Department, at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) maintains hundreds of applications that keep the Hospital and its network connected. These include an electronic medical record system, telecommunications, datacenters, support and maintenance of thousands of PCs and mobile devices, and much more. DTS is also responsible for information security, which maintains the confidentiality, integrity and availability of patient and institutional information.

For employees working in CHOP's Research Institute, DTS provides technology related information services common to all CHOP employees, such as support for Microsoft365, share drive access, password assistance or remote work access. DTS also provides CHOP Research Institute employees with access to software and applications, such as EPIC, Kronos, and CHOPOne. Other technology related services are provided by the Research Information Services department.

IS Help Finder

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CHOP Research Institute employees can view a complete list of these services, or submit non-urgent support requests, in the CHOP Employee Service Portal. Non-urgent support requests can also be submitted to For immediate support for urgent issues, employees should call ext. 4-HELP (4-4357) or 215-590-4357. Employees can also find assistance to common technology-related issues with Ask Lewis, the IS Chatbox service.

To submit a general IS question or consultation please visit RIS Outreach Services.

RISUGS Recording: CHOP Employee Service Portal 2023

Log in to view the recorded webinar hosted by Nicole Webb, IS Systems Analyst Principal, as she demonstrates how to find IS support and services as well as provided answers to participants questions.