Department of Radiology



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The research mission of the Department of Radiology is to disseminate innovative work in imaging for infants, children, and pregnant women, using state-of-the-art imaging technologies. The Department of Radiology is an accredited facility, recognized by the American College of Radiology for its commitment in safe imaging practices in computed tomography (CT scans), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), nuclear medicine, and ultrasound.

The Department conducts translational and clinical research that is broadly related to pediatrics, including interventional radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, cardiovascular, lymphatic imaging, pulmonary imaging, oncology, emergency radiology, neonatal imaging, GI and GU imaging, fetal imaging, and neuroradiology. The department includes faculty, fellows, staff, technicians, coordinators and students.

The Radiology Clinical Research Core led by Savvas Andronikou, PhD, vice chair of Research, supports radiologists, clinical fellows, research fellows, and post docs with their research work. The overall goal of the core is to publish and disseminate novel research. The number of researchers in the department have increased through creation of research fellowship positions that have been offered to qualified radiologists who subspecialized in pediatric imaging, providing a body of researchers with clinical expertise and insight. There are currently seven research fellows working in different areas of clinical pediatric radiology and education. Some researchers, as well as junior members of the department, are enrolled for higher degrees at the University of Pennsylvania.

During the past academic year, clinical researchers have:

  • authored over 100 peer-reviewed manuscripts
  • delivered over 50 presentations as visiting professors or invited speakers at national and international conferences
  • submitted 32 new grant applications in FY’18
  • currently have 28 active grants totaling $3, 970, 491 (annual direct costs) 

A departmental research committee, comprised of junior and senior faculty members and chaired by Dr. Savvas Andronikou, vice chair of Research, develops strategies to build outstanding and fiscally sound research studies.