Division of Interventional Radiology



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The mission of the Division of Interventional Radiology is to provide state-of-the-art radiology care to all patients and to advance the research and teaching mission of the Department of Radiology and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia by creating innovative ground-breaking interventional techniques. Investigators in the Division are focused on several different pillars: safety and quality, teaching, research, and excellence in procedural and clinical care.

Quality and safety elements include protocol development, checklists for enhanced safety, standardized communication for sign out and processes to improve efficiency and increase patient throughput. Members of the Division have specific training in quality and safety and have presented on this topic at a national level.

The research focus in the Division has several pillars, including radiation reduction, innovative imaging, innovative minimally invasive therapy development, and clinical outcomes research. Members of the Division are nationally and internationally recognized as experts in these areas. Specific areas unique to the Division include contrast-enhanced ultrasound use in interventional radiology, fusion imaging techniques with MRI, cone beam navigational technology for biopsy procedures, and MR-guided intervention.

The Division of Interventional Radiology is nationally and internationally known as having expertise in a number of focused areas including the treatment of reno-vascular hypertension with renal artery angioplasty, minimally invasive therapies for the treatment of vascular malformations, percutaneous biliary procedures, oncologic interventions, and lymphatic flow disorder intervention. Clinical research and teaching based on these areas of expertise is a significant focus of the Division’s program, and 3D-printed phantom design for training and complex procedural planning further enhances this mission.

Looking ahead, research projects in the Division of Interventional Radiology are aimed at four key areas: safety and quality, percutaneous oncologic therapies, MR guided intervention, and 3D-printed device technology.