Research Creative Services



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Research Creative Services (RCS) conveys highly complex research-specific information through personable and relatable mobile content that builds a welcoming, engaged, and collaborative community of distinguished researchers and talented up-and-coming scientists. Comprised of writers, graphic designers, and videographers, the RCS team implements a comprehensive, integrated scope of services for internal and external communications that align with the Research Institute's strategic plan and focuses on four major components:

  • Publications and Interactive Media
  • Internal Engagement
  • Project Support for Principal Investigators and Research Administration
  • Research Events Promotion

Alongside publishing a range of internal and external content including Cornerstone, the Research Institute’s official blog, annual reports, and digital marketing, RCS develops clinical study recruitment collateral, designs scientific posters and conference materials, and supports event planning. RCS provides creative consultations, guidance on CHOP’s brand identity, social media support, as well as video production, infographics, photography and image support, and editorial support for events and general announcements.

As the designated source for creating and disseminating the many research stories and accomplishments that underlie the Research Institute’s success, Research Creative Services showcases the work of CHOP investigators, elevates the Research Institute’s public profile, and ensures CHOP researchers can access the communications support they need in order to drive scientific breakthroughs.

For editorial and design questions, please contact researchcomm [at] (researchcomm[at]chop[dot]edu).