Office of the Ruth M. Colket Chair Pediatric Nursing Science



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Nurses, the most trusted care provider, are known for their unbiased caring and compassion that relentlessly meets the evolving healthcare needs of every patient and family they touch. Nurses’ critical roles in patient care place them in a unique position to impact the patient and family experience, often leading to new research questions that can revolutionize healthcare and advance nursing science. Pediatric nursing science builds the scientific foundation for clinical practice, symptom management, and illness prevention. Fostering inter-institutional nursing research in child health across CHOP and the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Nursing creates a cadre of nurses who lead pediatric nursing science internationally. In addition to knowledge generation, the office sponsors the Ruth M. Colket Dialogue and Discourse Series inviting experts in nursing science and evidence-based practice to participate in dialogue and discourse on topics that outline the cutting edge of pediatric healthcare, engaging interprofessional colleagues within the broader CHOP community.