Office of Research Compliance



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The Office of Research Compliance (ORC) serves as a central source for information about compliance and new requirements, while also identifying best practices and actively communicating these practices to the research community at CHOP. ORC partners with faculty and staff to develop novel and effective approaches to minimizing and managing compliance risks, in part by performing or coordinating quality review activities and continually evaluating if adequate resources (quality and quantity) are available to effectively manage research, thus reducing compliance risk. As part of ORC's process, the team provides compliance reports and trend analyses to the appropriate institutional leaders and identifies ways to implement program enhancements. ORC also coordinates institution-wide research policy and procedure development and assures that these documents are relevant, up to date, and shared with the research community at CHOP. As the Research Institute grows in size and scope, the ORC continues to play a key role in helping to advance our scientific breakthroughs.