Flow Cytometry Core Services



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Below is a listing of our services. For information on the status of any equipment or to schedule time, visit iLab.

Standard Flow Cytometry Assays

  • Leukocyte immunophenotyping of human blood samples for clinical research studies
  • Custom multi-color immunophenotyping of leukocyte subpopulations (T, B, NK cells, monocytes)
    • CD4 / CD8 T cell counts for HIV studies
    • cells subsets (naïve, memory, Treg, etc.)
    • NK cells subpopulations and expression of inhibitory/activating receptors
    • Monocytes subpopulations
  • Circulating stem cells and progenitors
  • Intracellular cytokine assays

Functional Flow Cytometry and Bead-Based Assays

  • Apoptosis
  • Cell proliferation and viability
  • Cell cycle
  • Mitochondria membrane potential and generation of reactive oxygen species; mitochondrial mass
  • Intracellular calcium assays by flow cytometry
  • Phagocytosis
  • Detection of intracellular proteins (including cytokines and phosphorylated proteins using phospho-specific antibodies)
  • Cytometric Bead Arrays (CBA) for standard cytokines (Th1, Th2, Th17) or Flex CBA for human or mouse cytokines
  • Natural killer cells cytotoxicity assays

We offer three levels of cell sorting services at various rates. Below you will find details of what is required depending on the level of service you choose.

Customers are strongly encouraged to schedule full-service sorting for problematic samples. Full-service sorting is available on all our sorters.


Customers are required to:

  • Schedule the service online
  • Include information on type of sorting during and relevant details (fluorochromes, number of samples, type of collection tubes) in your reservation online form.
  • Bring stained samples and controls to the Flow Core Lab
  • Confirm with the sorter operator that the gates and sorting logic are set correctly. This is particularly important when different numbers of cells need to be collected from each sample.
  • Ensure the goals of the project are understood by the sorter operator.
  • Pick up the cells when the sort is completed.


This level of service is provided at a lower hourly rate than full-service, during peak hours (Mon- Fri, 9AM to 5PM). To use this service, customers must:

  • Schedule and complete the training on the instrument.
  • Select "semi-assisted" from the drop-down menu when reserving the sorter online.
  • Be present in the Flow Core Lab for the whole duration of the sort

Flow Core staff will be on hand for assistance and to troubleshoot any problems or incidents.


This level of service is available only during off-peak hours (Mon-Fri after 5PM and during weekends) to trained users.

For unassisted service, customers must:

  • Schedule and complete the training on the instrument.
  • Bear responsibilities for troubleshooting any unexpected events (clogs, air intake, etc.) with no staff intervention.

Annual licenses for FlowJo (BD Biosciences) and FCS Express (DeNovo Software) can be purchased at a reduced price. To place an order, log in iLab and select "Request Services."


Individual or small group training for operating the Flow Core Lab analyzers and sorters is provided upon request.

Data Transfer

  • All files generated on analyzers are stored for at least 3 months on the computers connected to cytometers. All users should transfer and back up important data as soon as possible.
  • When our staff operates the cytometers and sorters, the data generated will be sent to end-users via OneDrive. End-users who operate the instruments in our lab are responsible for transferring their data using OneDrive or other online data storage services.



All instruments and the analysis workstation can be reserved online on a first-come, first-served basis. Cell sorting projects that require staff assistance should be scheduled at least one day in advance.