Flow Cytometry Tools and Fees



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Researchers without prior flow cytometry experience are encouraged to follow the links below for brief video presentations that explain the principles that govern the detection of fluorescent signals, the anatomy of a flow cytometer and the basics of flow cytometry analysis.

For hands-on training sessions on analyzers, please log in iLab, click the Request Services tab, fill out and submit a Training request. One-on-one training sessions for cell sorting should be scheduled directly on the iLab calendar of each sorter.

  • FlowJo licenses can be requested in iLab.
  • FCS Express: a flow cytometry and image quantitation software. The interface resembles Microsoft Office and was designed to be intuitive and easy to learn. Access to FCS Express 6 Flow Cytometry is available upon request using an Internet dongle.



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Acknowledging the Flow Core Lab

Please acknowledge our lab in your publications! We have no standard format for acknowledging the lab; simply mention under Materials and Methods or in the Acknowledgements section of your paper that you used equipment or had cells sorted in the Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute.