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Penn-CHOP Kidney Innovation Center April 2023 Seminar



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Apr 20, 2023 ‐ 4:00 pm
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Location - People View
1632 Conference Room

3500 Civic Center Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States

This seminar series features research in progress by postdocs, fellows, and faculty within the Penn-CHOP community. The conference also includes experts from various core facilities presenting method-based research seminars, bioethics lectures by Penn medical ethics and health policy faculty, as well as invited speakers from outside Penn.

This seminar will feature Alex Hughes, PhD. Dr. Hughes is an Assistant Professor of Bioengineering at Penn in the department of Cell and Developmental Biology. Dr. Hughes's research focuses on engineered models of mammalian morphogenesis, most recently the cellular, signaling, and mechanical basis of kidney development using human kidney organoids, advanced cell patterning and imaging technologies, and dynamic tissue scaffolds. The Hughes lab works to bring developmental processes that operate in vertebrate embryos and regenerating organs under an engineering control framework, so that they can build better tissues. They study how cells conspire to create complex structures, so that they can build models of human disease, reconstituted tissues for regenerative medicine, and new types of biological machines.


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Please contact Sarah Green with any questions or to suggest future seminar speakers and/or topics.

Learn more about the Penn-CHOP Kidney Innovation Center. 

The Penn-CHOP Kidney Innovation Center is led by Michelle Denburg and Katalin Susztak and brings together scientists in clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, bioinformatics, computational biology, genetics, pathology, physiology, biochemistry, immunology, genomics, pharmacology, psychology and education with the key concept of interdisciplinary collaboration as the driving force to accelerate improvements in the health and well-being of all patients with kidney disease. The Center’s collaboration between Penn and CHOP is focused on ultimately transforming patient care by early detection, prevention and treatment of kidney disease and its complications across the life course.