Penn-CHOP Kidney Innovation Center



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The Penn-CHOP Kidney Innovation Center is a research collaboration between the University of Pennsylvania and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia focused on transforming patient care by early detection, prevention and treatment of kidney disease and its complications across the life course.

There is a pressing need for inter-disciplinary science and application of novel methods to accelerate breakthroughs in our understanding of and treatments for kidney disease. A cohesive, focused research endeavor to bring the best science to the study of the most important clinical problems needs to be in place to truly make a difference in the lives of people with kidney disease.

The Center will facilitate expansion of the research base focused on kidney disease through increased engagement of scientists across the institutions and recruitment of new faculty. Growing local talent and interest in nephrology, via seminars, training in research methods, and pilot grants will consolidate, harmonize, and enhance research training and activities at CHOP and Penn.

The Center brings together scientists in clinical epidemiology, biostatistics, bioinformatics, computational biology, genetics, pathology, physiology, biochemistry, immunology, genomics, pharmacology, psychology, and education with the key concept of interdisciplinary collaboration as the driving force to accelerate improvements in the health and well-being of all patients with kidney disease. Find out more about the scientists in the Susztak Laboratory who are interested in understanding the molecular pathways that govern chronic kidney disease development.