Center for Single Cell Biology Publications



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Below is a list of selected publications from the Center for Single Cell Biology:

Zhu Q, Gao P, Tober J, Bennett L, Chen C, Uzun Y, Li Y, Mumau M, Yu W, He B, Speck NA, Tan K. Developmental trajectory of pre-hematopoietic stem cell formation from endothelium. Blood. 2020 May; blood.2020004801; PMID: 32392346
Rozenblatt-Rosen O, Regev A, Oberdoerffer P, Nawy T, et al., Human Tumor Atlas Network. The Human Tumor Atlas Network: Charting tumor transitions across space and time at single-cell resolution. Cell. 2020 Apr; 181(2):236-249. PMID: 32302568
Peng T, Zhu Q, Yin P, Tan K. SCRABBLE: single-cell RNA-seq imputation constrained by bulk RNA-seq data. Genome Biol. 2019 May; 20(1):88. PMID: 31060596
Taylor DM, Aronow BJ, Tan K, et al. The pediatric cell atlas: Defining the growth phase of human development at single-cell resolution. Dev Cel. 2019 Apr; 49(1):10-29. PMID: 30930166
Hu P, Liu J, Zhao J, Wilkins BJ, Lupino K, Wu H, Pei L. Single-nucleus transcriptomic survey of cell diversity and functional maturation in postnatal mammalian hearts. Genes Dev. 2018 Oct; 32(19-20):1344-1357. PMID: 30254108
Zepp JA, Zacharias WJ, Frank DB, Cavanaugh CA, Zhou S, Morley MP, Morrisey EE. Distinct Mesenchymal Lineages and Niches Promote Epithelial Self-Renewal and Myofibrogenesis in the Lung. Cell. 2017 Jul; 170(6):1134-1148.e10. doi: 10.1016/j.cell.2017.07.034. PMID: 28886382