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Lab Life Video Series: Peranteau Laboratory

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Lab Life Peranteau Laboratory

William Peranteau, MD, Attending Surgeon, Division of General, Thoracic, and Fetal Surgery; Adzick-McCausland Distinguished Chair in Fetal and Pediatric Surgery: Hi, I'm Bill Peranteau, an associate professor of surgery here at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, and the Adzick-McCausland Distinguished Chair in Pediatric Fetal Surgery.

There are a number of reasons why this is the best place to do the work that we do here. The number one reason is probably the people. They bring an energy that makes you want to come to work and makes you want to explore new and innovative questions and ideas. It is a clinical institution, and so you can see the direct relevance of some of the research that we do here in the lab. What drives our research is knowing that there are patients next door that one day will hopefully benefit from what we're doing in the lab.