Peranteau Laboratory



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The Peranteau Lab research focuses on fetal development as it relates to the potential understanding of and fetal intervention for congenital anomalies. Specifically, our current focus is on the design and delivery of personalized gene therapies to curb and potentially cure some of the most devastating diseases that affect children. We ultimately aim to provide interventions even before children reach birth in order to minimize the suffering children and families would otherwise experience from these diseases.

One of the main goals of the lab is to investigate various delivery strategies such as lipid nanoparticles and viral vectors to determine the optimal strategies for the development of treatments. We also investigate the ideal editing efficiencies which maximize potential therapeutic benefit while minimizing associated off-target or unintended consequences.

Research Highlights

  • Investigating delivery strategies such as lipid nanoparticles, adenoviruses, and adeno-associated viruses as vectors to deliver treatments and cures
  • Determining the optimal level of gene editing needed to maximize the therapeutic benefit while minimizing the risks of treatment
  • Comparing the efficiency of gene editing across various points in an organism's development