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Change Takes Time With Paulette McRae, PhD, Assistant Director of Speciality Programs and Diversity in the Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs

Published on · Last Updated 1 year 6 months ago


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Commitment from leadership has been essential to moving diversity initiatives forward at CHOP Research Institute.


I think part of the success of the Research Institute really comes from the fact that the leadership is committed to diversity and inclusion and really driving it from the top down, because we can have all the employees at the Research Institute very committed to it, but if leadership is not behind that, it’s very difficult to get anything done and get that movement going. But we’ve had the commitment from the leadership team and not just within the Research Institute, but Enterprise-wide, to really move the diversity initiatives forward. And with that, what happens is we’re able to create an environment that is welcoming for a variety of individuals to really reach their full potential and contribute within the STEM workforce. So we’re seeing that.