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Cell and Gene Therapy Transforming Care with Beverly Davidson, PhD, Chief Scientific Strategy Officer

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Beverly Davidson, PhD, shares that "the energy here is palpable, and that it’s a really good feeling when you walk to work."


I was being recruited to the East Coast and promised Dr. Cathy High that I would give a visit to CHOP. I had been here as an invited speaker a few times, and so I was familiar with the institution, but I’d never really spent any time in the institution. I was blown away. I had an amazing first visit just meeting with faculty. I think the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia being embedded and closely associated with the University of Pennsylvania is such a bonus. Quite frankly, I really like Philadelphia. And it’s one of the gems, I think, of the East Coast, as far as cities go. When I moved my entire lab, they felt the same. Everyone came with me except for the graduate students that graduated. And they all commented on the fact that the energy here is palpable and that it’s a really good feeling when you walk to work.