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For general inquiries, pricing, or sample submission, please email the translationalcorelab [at] chop.edutitle="Email Translational Corelab" or contact a member of the lab.

Translational Core Laboratory

David Stokes, PhD
Technical Director
stokesdg [at] chop.edutitle="Email David Stokes, PhD"

Nkecha Hughes, M.S.
Lab Manager
hughesn [at] chop.edutitle="Email Nkecha Hughes, M.S."

Sarah Ellor, B.S.
Research Technician
ellors [at] chop.edutitle="Email Sarah Ellor, B.S."

Courtney Schmidt, B.S.
Research Technician
schmidtcn [at] chop.edutitle="Email Courtney Schmidt, B.S."

Billing Questions?

Do you have a question about your bill for this core or need information on the other core facilities at Children's Hospital? Please visit the Core Facilities Administration page or contact them at coresadmin [at] chop.educlass="spamspan".