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The mission of the Stress Neurobiology Research Program is to further the understanding of the neural basis of individual differences in response to stressful experiences.

Improving the safety, quality, and health outcomes of pediatric care through clinical research. PeRC’s mission is to provide the expertise and infrastructure needed to support research within the primary care setting.

Published on
Aug 20, 2020
A telehealth intervention designed to help parents and newborns after neonatal surgery did not alleviate parental stress.
Published on
May 1, 2020
A physician specializing in immigrant health discusses the value of posttraumatic stress disorder treatment for resettled refugee adults.
Published on
Sep 6, 2019
This week’s news roundup highlights recent research on stress resilience, obesity genetics, and autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Bhatnagar's research aims to further the understanding of the neural basis of individual differences in response to stressful experiences. This includes identifying neural substrates that produce resiliency or vulnerability to the effects of stress and determining treatments to mitigate vulnerability and to promote resiliency through both preclinical and translational studies.

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Published on
Mar 18, 2016
Welcome to our latest weekly summary of research news from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia! This has been a full week, including multiple studies of genetic influences on weight in childhood, a useful autism research explainer, findings on long-term impacts of congenital heart disease, and a neurological phenomenon with a literary namesake.
Published on
Oct 22, 2014
Why do some of us get stressed out while others seem to roll with life’s punches? That is the big question in the field of stress neurobiology, and to get closer to the answer, researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia are exploring peptides called orexins as potential mediators of resilience or vulnerability to the effects of stress.
Published on
Oct 25, 2013
Nancy Kassam-Adams, PhD, of the Hospital's Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP), was featured in a recent New York Times Blog Post focusing on post-traumatic stress in children and parents after the child's sustained an injury. In an article published in October in the journal JAMA: Pediatrics, Dr. Kassam-Adams and her team reviewed the literature on posttraumatic stress and pediatric care providers.