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Project Management Education

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We offer quarterly Brown Bag Lunch and special request educational sessions that are collaborative and where you will learn more about project management, resources and activities championed by the Research PMO Team.

Our mission for these events is to provide two key deliverables:

  1. Share project industry insights to a variety of focus areas; communication, planning, risk management, etc. that you can apply to your own project or analysis work.
  2. To familiarize the research institutes community with the approach and process they will encounter when they are assigned to a project or process improvement initiative.

Getting Started

Need help getting started? Submit a question to the Research PMO.

Frequently Asked Questions

The team holds educational events quarterly on topics related to project management and business analysis. Within those topics, we provide a general understating of project methodology such as waterfall and agile. Industry standards drive the framework we use for our projects and programs, but we also add comparisons and relevant examples related to the impact on research administration. You can sign up for our scheduled events. You can also request a private session for your team of 10-20 participants by sending us a project request.

Here's some of what people have shared regarding the Research PMO educational events:

  • “Learning about the project management concepts in the context of one specific project allowed for a much less theoretical, more "real world" idea of how these concepts function.”
  • “I like how interactive it was. Seeing everyone's faces made the event feel more intimate.”
  • “I liked learning about all the resources available to us when thinking about how to manage a project.”
  • “I really liked being able to look at sample sheets of communication plans and other templates. I'm a visual learner so it was really helpful to look at those examples.”
  • “I especially liked the content…of the presentation, as well as the Smartsheet template examples used by the PMO team.”