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The Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation (OEI) identifies, evaluates, and develops a portfolio of the most promising device, diagnostic, digital, and therapeutic assets from within CHOP. OEI aims to support CHOP's internal innovators and researchers by providing strategy, technical and business acceleration support, and investment capital with the goal of developing and preparing technologies toward an eventual commercial exit (licensing deal or formation of a new company).

Our office encourages all CHOP faculty and staff to engage with us to evaluate their innovative research and solutions for challenges in pediatric medicine and healthcare.

OEI seeks research and innovations including new drug targets, therapeutic platforms, medical devices, digital health and software solutions or other projects that have high impact potential and are commercially attractive.

Brilliant ideas can happen at any moment from anywhere in the organization, and the Office of Entrepreneurship & Innovation is always eager to meet CHOP's aspiring innovators, inventors, and entrepreneurs.