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Emerging Innovators in Collaborative Research - January 11, 2022



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Jan 11, 2022 ‐ 11:00 am
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Join us as we recognize emerging leaders in collaborative research and participate in a forum to learn about their science. The Emerging Innovators in Collaborative Research program, organized by the Office of Academic Training and Outreach Programs (ATOP), recognizes exceptional non-faculty researchers-in-training and research staff who have contributed significantly to a collaborative project, producing high impact research at Children's Hospital. All speakers for the series have been nominated by their Department Chair, Division Chief or Faculty Mentor and represent a variety of scientific disciplines and research areas.

Program Goals

  • Provide a forum for outstanding non-faculty researchers to present and discuss their science
  • Celebrate the successes of future leaders in pediatric research
  • Build community and collaboration among colleagues and the broader CHOP community

For more information about the program contact Olivia Chesniak, PhD, Academic Programs Officer at


Arwa Abbas, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – Laboratory Medicine

Impact of interspecies interactions during gastrointestinal infection with Clostridioides difficile

Matthew Charman, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine - Cancer Pathobiology

Biomolecular condensates coordinate assembly of infectious viral progeny


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