About Coulter Laboratory



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Our laboratory has focused our energies on dynamic characterization of the function of neuronal circuits, integrating a combination of techniques to fully interrogate all aspects of brain network behavior, both in control and in models of epilepsy.

We have three, two-photon microscopy systems, a swept-field fast confocal system, a laser scanning confocal system, voltage sensitive dye imaging systems, and electrophysiology microscopy systems. Each rig is customized for performing different type of experiments.

Technical approaches utilized in the laboratory include:

  • Functional epifluorescence imaging of transmembrane voltage changes in populations of neurons
  • Multiphoton, confocal, and miniscope imaging of intracellular calcium dynamics both in individual neurons and large populations of neurons
  • Fluorescence lifetime and multiphoton imaging of transmembrane chloride dynamics both in individual neurons and in populations of neurons
  • Multielectrode array recording of neuronal activation within hippocampal microcircuits
  • Transgenic labeling and gene targeting in specified subpopulations of neurons
  • Optogenetic activation and silencing of specified populations of neurons
  • Patch clamp and extracellular recording techniques