Center for Injury Research and Prevention



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At the Center for Injury Research and Prevention (CIRP), our care for children and families fuels our mission to accelerate the pace of research to keep children safe-- reducing injury and violence and promoting recovery. We are driven to advance interdisciplinary science and translate our discoveries into breakthroughs in technology, clinical care, policy and education.

Broadly, our areas of focus include young driver safety, violence prevention, road traffic protection, injury and rehabilitation biomechanics and engineering, concussion and brain health, traumatic stress, and transportation equity. We address social determinants of child health, such as safe schools, safe neighborhoods, safe homes, safe play spaces and equitable traffic mobility.

Our work helps to define the state-of-the-science clinical and behavioral healthcare needed by those who suffer physical and emotional injury and violence. Integration of rigorous engineering, behavioral and data science, and epidemiology ensures an emphasis on leading edge technology and innovative approaches that provide multi-pronged solutions to pediatric physical and emotional injury and violence. Launched in 1997, CIRP remains committed to translating our science into practical tools and guidelines for families, professionals, and policymakers to ensure real world impact.