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Driving Safety

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is recruiting teen drivers to participate in a study that is testing different types of driver training program for reducing new driver crash risk.

This study is open to teens ages 16-20 who are about to receive or recently received their driver’s license, and a parent.

We are asking teens with autism between the ages of 16-21 who have expressed interest in learning how to drive or have received their learner's permit in the past 3 months, and their parent/primary caregiver to participate in an interview study.

We are asking both parents and their child between ages 16-18 who recently received their learner's permit to partner with us as we learn more about teen driving safety. We are looking for children both with and without an ADHD diagnosis to participate.

The purpose of this research study is to figure out if a new smartphone app impacts distracted driving, and to learn parent and teen perspectives on the app.

Our Driving after Concussion study needs the help of both healthy and recently concussed teen partners in our research to understand how concussion affects driving behaviors in teens.

We want to study brain responses during simulated driving and are currently looking for participants 16-24 years old or those who have had brain surgery.

This study invites teens 16-18 years old and their parent/guardian to partner with the Center for Injury Research and Prevention as we investigate a potential mobile app to prevent smartphone use while driving.

Advancing the safety of children, youth, and young adults by facilitating scientific inquiry into childhood and young adult injuries and translating these findings into commercial applications and public education programs for preventing future injuries.

Published on
Apr 9, 2021
ACTS recognizes Flaura Winston, MD, PhD, for translating her research into effective public policy.