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This study involves an investigational cellular therapy called Afamitresgene Autoleucel.

Dr. Crane works on the development and oversight of early phase clinical trials for pediatric cancers.

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This study enrolls patients between 5 and 40 years of age with a diagnosis of Ewing sarcoma (including Ewing-like sarcoma) or osteosarcoma that has progressed on or relapsed after upfront initial therapy.

The purpose of this study is to establish a registry and biorepository for synovial sarcoma patients by collecting and storing data and biospecimens, such as blood, saliva and/or buccal (cheek) swabs, and tumor tissue.

This study involves taking a study drug called BA3011. The overall goal of this study is to see if BA3011 is a possible treatment for patients with sarcoma.

Dr. Surrey participates in collaborative research within the fields of pediatric pathology and molecular oncology. She has an interest in pediatric solid tumors, particularly sarcomas.

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Published on
Jul 22, 2020
Dr. Patrick Grohar, director for Translational Research with the Center for Childhood Cancer Research, discusses development of a treatment for Ewing sarcoma.
Published on
Jan 31, 2020
MOMS2 study findings show benefits of prenatal surgery for spina bifida continue to childhood. This and more In the News.
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