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Congenital Heart Disease

Published on
May 1, 2023
Dr. Amy Jo Lisanti and colleagues published a call to prioritize developmental care for children with complex congenital heart disease.
Published on
Mar 3, 2023
In this news roundup, learn about the achievements of CHOP researchers from societal inductions to grant- and grand-prize recipients.
Published on
Aug 12, 2022
As a CHOP research assistant, Alana Cianciulli found a way to combine her passions for art and science.

The CHPS Cardiovascular Core provides cardiac testing services for research protocols for pediatric subjects.

Harnessing the collective power of CHOP and Penn Medicine, CHOP Cardiovascular Institute will drive scientific discovery and medical breakthroughs that will improve pediatric cardiovascular care.

Dr. Jill Savla is an attending cardiologist at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Her research interests include congenital heart disease, early life risk factors for congenital heart surgery, maternal-fetal environment, outcomes research, and clinical epidemiology.

savlaj [at]

Dr. Lindsay Rogers is an attending cardiologist with the Division of Cardiology and the director of Education for the Echocardiography Laboratory at CHOP. Her research focuses on non-invasive imaging and cardiac morphology, and neurodevelopmental outcomes in congenital heart disease.

rogersl [at]
Published on
Feb 4, 2022
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The Optical Neuroimaging lab develops novel optical neuroimaging techniques to understand pediatric neurodevelopment and its disruption by disease. They use optical intrinsic signal imaging, diffuse optical tomography, and resting-state methods, allowing bench-to-bedside neuroimaging.

Dr. White develops novel optical functional neuroimaging systems and algorithms to better understand pediatric neuronal injury. His research includes optical intrinsic signal imaging, diffuse optical tomography, and resting-state functional connectivity.

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