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Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Dr. Galligan's operational and academic work are united by a fundamental goal of keeping patients, their families, and healthcare staff safe from harm. Dr. Galligan's current research focuses on applying principles of organizational behavior to the pediatric inpatient setting to prevent harm from unrecognized clinical deterioration.

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Published on
Oct 13, 2021
Chris Bonafide, MD, MSCE, to lead first-of-its-kind deimplementation trial investigating the elimination of monitor overuse in hospitals.
Published on
Jul 31, 2020
This week’s roundup features projections of the spread of COVID-19 and novel findings on gene therapy to treat the whole brain. This and more In The News.

Dr. Fieldston focuses on evidence-based management aimed at delivering high-value care and the impact of operational issues on patient outcomes. His academic work included investigating associations between patient flow, care models, workload and occupancy levels, and resource utilization on the quality of healthcare delivered to children, particularly those in the hospital, as well as healthcare value and value education.

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Dr. Doupnik’s research investigates how to ensure that children can access effective mental health services. She uses methods from diverse fields, including epidemiology, comparative effectiveness, and health policy research. Currently, she is focused on suicide prevention and integration of mental health services into children’s hospitals.

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