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Published on
Apr 7, 2022
The new Global Health Informatics Program is helping to amplify global health pediatric research.

Cultivating collaborative efforts to expand the capability to develop, test, integrate, and adapt mHealth tools and approaches in pediatric research.

Published on
Jul 8, 2020
Alexandra Psihogios, PhD, is testing an app to help teens with acute lymphoblastic leukemia and lymphoma follow treatment regimens.
Published on
Nov 17, 2017
Learn why studying Monet could help med students and how gene mutations affect the cochlea to produce hearing loss in this week's research roundup.
Published on
Aug 17, 2017
Nobody enjoys sitting in a doctor's waiting room, especially when they have an uncomfortable skin condition. A Children's Hospital of Philadelphia study team tested a direct-to-consumer mobile app designed to facilitate routine dermatologic consultations for children and adolescents. The pilot study results showed the telemedicine technology was acceptable, easy to use, and expedited care.

Of the 198 cases submitted,
Published on
Oct 11, 2016
The digital world moves fast. When the digital realm in question is the use of mobile devices, social media, and related technologies in medical research (mHealth), it isn't always easy for researchers who use these tools to keep pace.
Published on
Mar 3, 2016
Researchers at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute are always curious as they explore uncharted territories and tap new technologies. Read about the many novel ways they are looking to improve children’s health in the February issue of Bench to Bedside.