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eResearch is an electronic portal designed to minimize investigator time spent on administrative tasks related to research by streamlining research administration business processes, enhancing compliance, and improving service. Use of the centralized, web-based system allows study teams to submit research projects electronically, eliminate routine errors, and alert research teams of approaching deadlines.

The eResearch portal will streamline research administration and integrate processes to efficiently oversee research compliance. Modules currently being incorporated into the eResearch system are IRB, Sponsored Projects, Clinical Trials, IACUC, and IBC.

First Time eResearch User?

To obtain first-time access to eResearch or to add a new study team member to the eResearch modules, use the eResearch Account Request form.

If you believe you already have an eResearch account, but are unable to log in, please contact RIS Applications Support. In order to access eResearch, you must have an Active Directory (AD) account at CHOP.

Error and New Functionality Requests?

For error and New Functionality Requests, please utilize eISSUES, Bad Rabbit's ticketing system.

Need Additional Help?

For additional assistance, please contact the CHOP IS Support Center at ext. 4-HELP (4-4357), 215-590-4357, or log in to visit the CHOP IS Support Center Portal.